Saturday, March 12, 2011

12 March 2011 - Planning Meeting

12 March 2011 - Planning Meeting
Good Friends Chinese Buffet, Valley Springs, CA

Today is the NorCal Triumph Riders and Friends Annual Planning Meeting. We are meeting in Valley Springs, CA at 11:30 AM. But I get restless and leave home at 10:00 AM for the 35 mile trip. So I decide to take the scenic route. And I take a few photos along the way.
Workers pruning cherry trees north of Linden, CA.

In the USA, most cherries grow in Washington, California, Oregon and Northern Michigan.

I am really on a back road at the edge of San Joaquin County when I see a worker pruning some wine grape vines.
A vineyard next to Johnson Road

I still get to Good Friends a bit early. Jim and his wife Christy are already there.
Stan, Jim and Jess

Mike pulls up on his Rocket III. So far 4 Triumphs and and my Moto Guzzi.
Rocket, Bonne America, MG, Sprint and Trophy

I was too busy eating to take any food photos today. These pics are from the meeting.
Jim, Christy and Mike

Jess, Stan and Martin - Martin has a 2010 Thunderbird - So 5 Triumphs today

Martin's Thunderbird

We did plan out the dates and venues for our Group's Rides this year. We only plan a Monthly Ride for the six months from April through September.

After the meeting I wanted to check out the Volcano Union Inn located in Volcano, CA. I was planning on riding Hwy 26 all the way around to West Point and end up in Pioneer which is one terminus of Hwy 26.

So I am leading Jim and Christy and Mike up Hwy 26 to where it intersects with Hwy 49. They are headed to Jackson and then home to the Sacramento area.

But I check my watch (on the bike) when I get to Hwy 49 and decide I do not have the time so I head west on Hwy 49 and leave the others in Jackson as I head to Volcano via Pine Grove.

My first stop after getting off my bike.
One of the two unisex restrooms at the Union Inn

The new owners, Mark and Tracey Berkner have really fixed the place up nicely and have even renovated the upstairs four rooms which are rented out on weekends. Mark and Tracey Berkner used to own and run the St George Hotel in Volcano, but sold it and traveled the world for a couple of years.

Upon their return to the workaday world they opened a restaurant in Plymouth called Taste. Mark also heads up the Culinary Arts Department at San Joaquin Delta College. He is in large part responsible for that school's great restaurant the Student Chef, which is the best bargain around for good food.
A real shuffle board table

This is one room

Another view of the room above the doorway at the upper left leads to the bar area

I decided to photograph their menu.
Inside pages of their menu

They are only open 22 hours each week. Their hours are at the bottom of this photo.
Outside pages of their menu

This is another room shot from the bar which also has tables

These are the tables in the bar area

The bar where you can see the doorway to the first room beyond the blond

They also have a pretty good size dining patio.
I am having my Sarsaparilla outside

One view of the outdoor patio

This view of the patio was taken from the building looking toward the street

The entrance

Plaque describing the origins of the building

A view from across the street

Another view with my Guzzi in the photo

After my sarsaparilla I head on back home.