Saturday, August 13, 2011

13 August 2011 - Mother Lode Ride

13 August 2011 - Mother Lode Ride
Northern California

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Stan leads a Mother Lode Ride. But more importantly his wife JoAnn prepares a great pre-ride brunch. Lots of good stuff.
A 1985 Moto Guzzi California

Lots of bikes today

Some brunch items that managed to get left over

Pdub is trying to get the left overs to take home :-)

Stan getting ready to Ride

But we still are waiting for Tom

Last one up though is me. photo by JoAnn

Ready. photo by JoAnn

Stan added this photo of the rattle snake that he killed last week in his patio

We ride around Hogan Reservoir then over toward San Andreas to Copperopolis.
Our first rest stop after riding Pool Station Road is in the new section of Copperopolis at the Shell Station

From Copperopolis we ride Obyrne's Ferry Road to Hwy 108 to Columbia where we pick up Jess and Eric.
Eric, Jess at the left

Taking a break

A minor problem a broken clutch cable on the Goose

Jess' tricked out Bonneville

Leaving Columbia headed to lunch in Murphys

Heading out

Leaving town

The Tuolumne River

Pdub hot dogging

Downtown Murphys is crowded with tourists but somehow our arrival is timed as two cars leave us with space to park right in front of Firewood where we will be having lunch.

Entrance to Firewood

The menu

You order and pay first at the counter

Wood fired brick oven for the pizzas

A lot of riders skip lunch

We are at a table in the loft

The mushroom, bacon, Swiss cheeseburger

Shrimp pizza

Pepperoni and sausage pizza

Oops. Pdub says it's hot

Me sitting in the sun

Jack and Ron hook up for the Ride in Murphys

I am really tired so I head back to Stockton. There is still half of the Ride to go.

Here is what happened after I left folks. Written by Stan our intrepid Ride Leader:

You missed some of the additional excitement.

We stopped for gas in San Andreas and Jesse departed, Mark and Diana decided to head for Lake Comanche to do some boating, and I'm not sure who all was with us and left from there.

With members joining and leaving by the time we got to Mokelumne Hill it was down to Paul, Tom, Al, Joel and myself.

Paul decided to head for home, so 4 of us turned onto Hwy 26.

About 12 miles into that part of the ride Joel developed a flat tire. By now it was around 3:30, so I headed for home to get my truck and trailer and Al headed for Jackson to see if he could find an inner tube and Tom stayed with Joel to keep him company. Al was unsuccessful, so we loaded the bike up and headed for my place. Al and Joel spent the night at my place and since no place that we knew of that sold motorcycle tubes was open today Joel left his Kawi in my garage and headed home on my Valkyrie. He'll be back with a tube next weekend.

JoAnn took a couple of pictures at our place and I added the picture of the rattlesnake that I told you we killed on the patio last Wednesday, just to let you know what you missed.

Overall it seemed like a fun ride, even with the mechanical problems. With members joining and leaving, some having lunch, while others opted to wander around or check out the hotel bar, I was never sure just how many we had with us, so hopefully no one is still wandering around in the foothills wondering where we went.

Hmm. It was a good Ride but it is a good thing I left the Ride when I did or else I might still be riding in the foothills. :-)

Again, thank JoAnn for a great breakfast. This club really eats good. :-)