Monday, June 20, 2011

18 June 2011 - Sierra Ride

18 June 2011 - Sierra Ride
Northern California

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Photos and text by Ride leader Jim G.

I want to thank everyone who was able to make this a enjoyable first lead for me. If it wasn't for this diverse weather we've had I'm sure the original date would have yielded more attendance. Not that today was not enough for a first timer :-).

The day started nicely, beautiful blue skies and six Trumps and a Ducati to top it all off. Here is a photo from the County Store.

We set sail just a few minutes after our target time but there was no rush in today's agenda. The roads were smooth sailing up to Deb's Frosty in Diamond Springs. A big thank you to Jack M. (who wasn't able to attend due to some unavoidable obligations) for the suggestions on our route. Old Sacramento road was as beautiful as a country side road can be, freshly paved and smooth as a baby's skin. We landed at Deb's with some kind of an appetite, which was good considering we were not planning to eat again until after 2:00PM. Here are a few pics from that stop.

Dave and Karen enjoying a little soft serve together

Jess and Les taking in the goodies from Deb’s

Wayne and Ginny contemplating just how they are going to devour this plate

Here are Martin and Sherry who are all smiles

So the motley crew (minus Martin and Sherry, who had other travels planed for their first day of vacation, don’t blame ya a bit) heads out with taste buds and tummy’s happy. Next stop is a little spot in Coloma, none other than the James Marshall monument / gravesite. Hwy 49 was nice the entire time except for a small section riding through Placerville (AKA Hangtown). Here are some photos from this stop.

Karen and Les lead the way to the monument, fully engaged in white water rafting experiences they both had in common. Dave and Jess right behind them.

Back side of the monument. The group in the background are looking over the scenic valley.

Scenic valley overlook. It was spectacular in person. Wayne, Ginny and I could not help but fantasizing about a huge zip line taking us over to the beautiful white house across the valley.

Here is the front side of the monument.

At this point we say goodbye to a few more bikes and riders. Les, Wayne, and Ginny all leave the group in Pilot Hill, for the beautiful Salmon Falls road and onto their other destinations. That leaves Jess, Dave and his wife Karen, and myself to journey the scenic decent to the Y of the American river on Highway 49.

From there we head East bound up to Forrest Hill and ride the back roads from there all the way into Lincoln. Turns out another nice section of tarmac Jack M. suggested called Mount Vernon Road and Wise road were very nice on the eyes. After riding into Lincoln a stop was had at the local Mc Donald’s for some bladders that needed emptying. Jess, feeling the terrible symptoms of a stomach flu coming on, decides he better not chance it any longer and decides to ride straight home. No sooner, Dave and Sherry realize the time has slipped and they both have some important packing to do for a trip early the next morning.

So we all part ways, I cruise on home to a lovely wife who made up a nice picnic style BBQ lunch. I explained to her what had happened to our guests and she said what will we do with this food to ourselves? I smiled and said big daddy loves burgers for leftovers any day, mmmmmmm!

Thank you Wayne and Ginny for riding tail gunner position for most of the ride, Dave and Karen for the remainder. Les, it was nice to see you back with the group. Martin and Sherry, always a pleasure to have you guys along. Jess, I am glad you made it home okay, my wife and I were very concerned for you. Thanks for the memories friends.

May God bless you all and keep you guys safe.

Jim & Christi